Twinkle Notes

Think private.

Twinkle Notes is a note taking app, designed for you to grow a private and personal knowledge base, with end-to-end encrypted syncing, sharing and messaging. It can also provide a private space for your family or your team to share and collaborate.

Notes are written in a simple text format, which also supports hyperlinks, note references, math formulas, images, pdfs, diagrams, simple drawings, audios and videos. The list will only grow down the road.

Your notes reside in a space which you create and own. The space has a unique id, which will also become your identity. You can create as many spaces as you want.

If you would like to sync your space across devices, or to exchange messages with friends, you must first have your space hosted on a server. Your host will not be able to see the content in the space. However, the host has to keep a list of your contacts, in order to receive encrypted messages on your behalf and to verify the sender id. The list only includes ids of your contacts, so that names and avatars of your friends are not exposed to the host.

While subscription is common among web services nowadays, we prefer to a utility-style pricing, based on the actual storage taken and network traffic incurred. It makes Twinkle Notes more affordable to beginning users and low volume users. Your host will send you a bill every 30 days, which can be paid with tokens.

Meanwhile all your data are encrypted on your device, and protected by your master password. That being said, if an attacker gains administrative priviledge or root access on your device, our sympathy goes out to you😛

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